Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs Committee


Stella Ma
Korea, Republic of

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Committee: Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee

Country: Republic of Iceland

Delegate: Stella Ma

Topic A: Maritime Refugees

Since the creation of the United Nations, 65 wars have been fought, creating millions of refugees. Post-World War II, refugees fled mostly to neighbouring countries. In the 1950s, refugees began escaping their regions due to spreading war. After the creation of the European Union, refugees became a problem for all of Europe. The recent mass of refugees flee by way of the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean. This modern situation has left many homeless but has also caused conflicts with people of Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, and other surrounding states, fake passports and disguises allowing illegitamate refugees into these countries.

Following the 2011 Arab Spring and the following political struggles, predominately with the Islamic State, many refugees have risked their lives traveling to Europe. Recently, on Turkish borders, 25 refugees were found dead as a result of boats capsizing. Furthermore, millions of refugees currently live in European ghettos, not having enough money for better conditions. Some nations, such as Hungary, opened camps to hold refugees. These measures were ineffective and were violations of human rights. Refugees spoke of plague and a lack of food. The European Council decided on quotas for refugees across the Europe...

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