Arctic Council


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Arctic Council


The People’s Republic of China


Dino Islamagic


The People's Republic of China [PRC] is the world’s most populous state, one of the largest emerging economies and a permanent member of the Security Council. The PRC's foreign policy is based upon the principle of 'harmony without uniformity', and we are supportive of co-operation between states worldwide, while respecting the rights of sovereign nations to determine their own ideological positions. In particular, we like to serve as a vocal supporter of the interests of other developing countries.

The PRC has been an Observer member of the Arctic Council since May 2013, and so is very interested in this issue. Unlike some other states, we do not seek territorial gain; our commitment is to the long-term achievement of 'peaceful, stable and sustainable development' using the Arctic. We are keen to explore polar maritime routes, although we are aware that these are imperfect, and currently maintain neutrality on Canada's claim to Northwest Passage sovereignty. Our approach involves involvement in Nordic-Chinese scientific co-op...

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