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Committee: The World Bank Country: Islamic Republic of Iran Delegate: Benedikt Manzinger Topic A: BRICS New Development Bank: Dawn of a new era of development aid?

The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the goals and objectives the BRICS New Development Bank has and fully promotes the idea of a really new international bank dealing with the problems of developing countries such as our country have with funding important projects. At October the 26th of 2015, our Deputy Minister of Economic Development Mohammad Khazaee finally proclaimed that the Islamic Republic of Iran will join the BRICS Bank.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has a serious lack of investments in his private sector as well as in his public one. Now – irrespective of the BRICS Bank issue – that the sanctions of the international community are mostly lifted we hope to see many foreign banks and companies willing to invest in our country. By that we hope to fight the so called “brain drain”, means ...

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