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Clara Holling

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Position Paper World Bank - India

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In the past decades, international economy had to face various challenges. The World Bank as one of the big global financial organisations plays a crucial role in their regulation and is currently working on two specific situations: First, the BRIC nations have recently founded the New Development Bank, a development bank which portrays an alternative approach to financial aid and represents a competing institution for the World Bank. This is a serious concern for the World Bank as an internationally powerful organisation since in the next years, developing and transition countries might prefer to cooperate with the NDB. Second, the global oil market will experience enormous challenges and changes in the near future. Prices which have already collapsed due to Western alternative oil production strategies, such as fracking, will predictively decrease even more when Iran returns to the global market after having been subject to US sanctions.

India’s situation

India as one of the most populated transition countries recently encounters an immense economic growth and devel...

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