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Russian Federation


Merle Schulken

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World Bank Heidelberg 2016

Delegate: Merle Schulken

Representing: The Russian Federation (Apologizing for handing in the position paper in bulletpoints due to extreme time constraints)

1a) Overview ODA, Multilateral Development Banks and the creation of the AIIB and the NDB

• Official Development Aid (ODA): defined as government aid designed to promote the economic development and welfare of developing countries, may be provided bilaterally, from donor to recipient, or channeled through a multilateral development agency such as the United Nations or the World Bank

• The donor landscape: OECD and Development Assistance Committee (DAC) but increasing importance of "rising donors" e.g. all the BRIC states including Russia, increased salience of "south-south cooperation" parallel to "north-south" projects -> problems with OECD and DAC: legacy of colonialism, lack of horizontality, lack of mutual benefit relations, imposition of political conditionalities on development projects undermining national sovereignty, disrespectful • Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs): financial institution that provides financing for national development, benefit over bilateral ODA: larger capital stocks an...

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