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Anja Johnson

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Name of Delegate: Anja Johnson Country: United Kingdom
Committee: World Bank Topics: (A)BRICS new development Bank: Dawn of a new era of development? (B)Coping with Iran’s return to the oil market after the lifting of sanctions.

(A) The United Kingdom (UK) considers itself to be a proud contributor towards the actions of the World Bank. As a founding member, as well as a major shareholder and donor, the UK has been able to watch the World Bank grow and flourish since its creation in 1944. The World Bank, which was initially founded to combat Europe’s post-war reconstruction needs as well as to ensure market security among the western economies, has since progressed to become an internationally respected and valued entity. To date, it consists of 186 member countries, who’s collective goal it is, to work towards a poverty free world. To do so, the World Bank funds crucial capital programs in developing countries, through which it it is able to direct large amounts of capital flow towards the construction of necessary Infrastructure.

The UK recognizes that the World Bank has suffered harsh criticism throughout recent years. Moreover, it acknowledges that the cri...

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