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Melanie Gebhard

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Committee: United Nations Security Council Country: Republic of Angola Delegate: Melanie Gebhard, University of Bayreuth, Germany Topic A: Achieving a peaceful solution to rising tensions in the Baltic

The Republic of Angola regards the rising tensions in the Baltic as a serious threat to peace and security in the area as well as in other parts of the world. Angola supports the protection of the sovereignty of the Baltic States and urges member states of the UN Security Council to negotiate to find peaceful solutions in order to improve the relationship between the Russian Federation and the Baltic States. Although the tensions between the Russian Federation and the Baltic States do not directly affect the Republic of Angola, we are deeply concerned for the establishment of a peaceful and trustworthy relationship between the states of the region. The Republic of Angola has established cooperation with the Russian Federation since the time of the UDSSR and has recently established economic cooperation with the Baltic States, too. Therefore, the escalation of the situation between the Russian Federation and the Baltic States would have impact on the Republic of Angola indirectly through its economic ties to both the Russian Federation and the Baltic States. The Republic of Angola generally favours political solutions whenever possible. Nevertheless, Angola is aware of the usefulness of military interventions to ...

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