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Topic A: Achieving a peaceful solution to rising tensions in the Baltic (A)The relations between Russia and its neighboring states have reached a new low point since the end of the Cold War. The Baltic States as well as Ukraine and Georgia challenge Russia in delicate issues concerning the power play in the East of Europe. Their aim is to achieve more independence from the former Soviet Union which becomes obvious by their growing convergence towards the European Union. The tone of negotiation between the Baltic States and Russia is cool; and as far as Ukraine is concerned, the time for negotiations seems to be over as both countries are in deep conflict with each other. However, the Baltic States are likely to be drawn into a similar conflict with Russia since they are trying to build up their military forces in order to be able to protect themselves from a Russian invasion. Improving the military forces against Russia could escalate into a military conflict between the Baltic States and a strongly armed Russia and even degenerate into a global conflict in which the use of nuclear weapons is not impossible. Thus, such provoking behavior of the Baltic States is dangerous on a far greater level than merely the political stage of Europe. (B) As a country of the Middle East, the Arab Republic of Egypt is not directly affected by the tensions between Russia and the Baltic States. However, Egypt considers Russia as an important economic partner and i...

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