UN Security Council


Umar Ramzan
United Kingdom

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Topic: (a) Achieving a peaceful solution to rising tensions in the Baltic. (b) Battling the rise of Islamic Extremism in the Middle East.

Country: Japan

Committee: Security Council

Introduction to Japan’s involvement in the two regions

Baltic Region

Post-World War 2 Japan has been part of the western bloc under the umbrella protection of the U.S.A. More recently Japan has improved relations with Russia. However, during Russia’s annexation of the Crimea region, Japan has expressed condemnation although to a lesser extent. Japan’s interests are in forming a good economic relationship and solidarity between the G7 members and Russia. Japan has been progressing in its own territorial dispute with Russia over the Kuril Islands which are a fundamental part of Japanese territory. After 70 years Russia has not signed a peace treaty with Japan but both nations are finding mutual grounds of cooperation.

Tokyo is interested in forming better ties with Russia wh...

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