Arctic Council
United States


Florian Böhm

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United States of America

Department of State

Position Paper on the topics discussed in the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting 13th to 15th of May

Topic A: Balancing out territorial claims and militarization in the North Pole

The United States of America always promoted stability and security in the Arctic Region and we want to use our current Chairmanship to further promote and secure this stability. This is absolutely necessary to safe the complex environment and the life of the native peoples in the region. Therefore, we want to reach an agreement during this weekend keeping these key principles in mind. Regarding the militarization of the Arctic, we recognize the necessity that the armed forces of the Arctic Council member states must be able to access the region. The United States Department of Defense and the Department of Transportation are already working on strategies and plans to develop infrastructure and improve operational capability for the U.S. Navy and Air Force. The first priority for the U.S forces stationed in the Arctic is to support the United States Coast Guard to fulfill the Agreement on Cooperation on Aeronautical and Maritime search and rescue. The USA fully supports this agreement and is willing to launch joint projects with other Arctic states concerning infrastructure, operatio...

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