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DISEC - State of Japan

Pierre NICOLAS - Université Lumière Lyon 2 Delegation : BDE Science Politique n°2

  1. TOPIC A: Preventing the prevention of nuclear weapons

    Nuclear weapons are highly dangerous, and Japan has faced in his past the damages they could do. In Nagasaki the use of atomic bomb destroyed 27% of residences and killed 39,000 people whereas in Hiroshima the atomic bomb destroyed 67% of the city’s structure and killed 66,000 people. Therefore the State of Japan has always been a promoter of disarmament of nuclear weapons. At first, the international community has to be aware of the special place of the State of Japan in this debate. Indeed, Japan is, even nowadays, the only country that has suffered from the use of nuclear weapons. The whole world remembers the 6th of August, 1945, when “Little Boy” was dropped and exploded over the city of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki before it. However, the State of Japan, although deeply wounded by the horror of the event, is not vindictive, but is hurt. We do not take the United States of America as responsible for these events, but still we want them to show them, how destructive, physically or psychologically the bomb was for Jap...

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