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Delegate: CASAS DELPHINE Country: Republic of LEBANON Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) Topic: Preventing proliferation of Nuclear Weapons - Important problems about the topic In this topics, we can see that the main goal is nuclear disarmament. But now we have to know why countries are arming themselves, it’s because they feel unsecured about countries around them. So the deal is to secure regions as Middle East and prevent threat made by countries as Israel and Iran which owns the nuclear weapon. Iran, by the P5+1 treaty, have made the nuclear weapon be more secure in Iran, by being controlled by the AEAI.
- Country historical and actual position on the topic Iran have threaten Lebanon by nuclear weapons Iran have financed the terrorist group Hezbollah which is striking in Lebanon Iran have respected the P5+1 treaty in July 2015: this treaty was that I...

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