Arleen Michelle
Dominican Republic

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TOPIC A: Preventing proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

Since 1969, Libya has considered a world free of nuclear weapons, starting by signing the Treaty of Non-proliferation (TNP) and rectifying it in 1975. Five years later, we allowed our nuclear facilities to be placed under the International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards. In 2003, Muammar Qadhafi, announced the renunciation to all forms of Weapons of Mass Destruction- nuclear, biological, and chemical. Even though our country’s situation has been deteriorated since NATO countries intervention most known as 2011 Civil War, this year represents the end of the WMD era. By December 2016, Libyan authorities will no longer be in possession of the last 2 chemical arms as it was established in a detailed destruction plan in May 2012. Due to our notable engagement towards the IAEA and the NPT, we believe that each member state has the right to use nuclear power when it comes to peaceful energy purpo...

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