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  • Country : Ukraine
  • Committee : Disarmament and international security
  • Delegate : Fosse-Galtier Anna, University Lumière Lyon 2

TOPIC A : Preventing the proliferation of nuclear.

Ukraine is strongly devoted and involved to strengthen any procedure helping to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapon in any way. The country has shown its deep commitment to this topic by providing an exemplary behavior.

Firstly, Ukraine has resigned to be the world’s third ranked nuclear power, for the safety of all. It has agreed to abandon its large nuclear arsenal to Russia in order to dismantle it. In the same time, Ukraine agreed to be part of the Non Proliferation Treaty. Since this period, Ukraine has maintained its fully commitment to the NPT and its three pillars, and considers it as an excellent instrument to ensure peace and global security to our world.

Also the commitment of Ukraine on nuclear disarmament doesn't stop there. Ukraine strictly respects all the standards determined by the International Atomic Energy Agency and encourage all countries to do the same cf UN press. A safe world is a world with transparency toward the topic of enriched Uranium for example. All countries should cooperate to make our world safer. That is why it is necessary that all countries that have signed the NPT respect it, without any exception. "Rus...

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