Crisis commitee: Historical Security Council 1967


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Country: Republic of China (ROC)

Topic A: Six-Day War

The Republic of China (ROC) as a founding member of the United Nations and a permanent member of the UNSC judges every topic as one of primary importance. The War that is coming is a topic that must be dealt with as quickly as possible. Indeed tensions between states are deeply rooted and this historical origin must be considered. First, this war must be seen as more than some provocative declaration and tiny battles. It is the sign of a much bigger symptom to be dealt with: the sign of a serious dispute tearing apart the region. The two parties are ready for war and we must do whatever we can in order, if not to prevent it, at least to appease it and calm it down. The two parties are on the brink of a terrible war and everything must be done to calm it down in order to restrain this conflict from becoming a global one. But doing so isn’t enough to stop these kinds of conflicts to start again and threaten the region’s stability. Bringing these two parties, the Arab side and the Israeli side, to a consensus and stop the rise of tensions is of utter importance. Therefore there are multiple objectives. Concrete measures to protect the civilians and appease the war-to-be. But most importantly, more structural measures must be t...

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