Disarmament and International Security Committee


Teoh Xuan Min

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Delegate of Montenegro

Issue 1: Missile Defence

The constant struggle for nuclear primacy between nuclear states continues as recently, NATO’s build-up of AEGIS missile defence systems in Poland has been poorly received by the Russian Federation, viewing this to be part of NATO’s aggressive expansion eastwards with Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and Iran’s nuclear program to be the key reasons. Missile defence systems, used to intercept missiles ranging from artillery by non-state actors to intercontinental ballistic missile possessed by only a few states, aims to give countries possessing it a first strike capability. This strategic edge is beneficial against insurgent groups through mitigating most of the damage dealt, obliging countries with missile defence systems to adopt a more passive approach under the doctrine of proportionality but does not provide the necessary provisions to eliminate the security threat as seen with Hamas. Against countries with strong to moderate nuclear capability, missile defence systems are not just extremely costly t...

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