Disarmament and International Security Committee


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Committee :- Disarmament and International Security Committee Topic A :- Missile Defense Country :- Guatemala School :- Yadvindra Public School Mohali

Missile defense or offence systems are two sides of the same coin by which nuclear attacks can be defended against or launched, but for every innovation in defense type there is corresponding innovation in attack method. Despite nuclear holocaust in Hiroshima and Nagasaki the destructive nuclear race is here to stay. The greed for power and money fuelled by control of oil in Middle East, natural resources like diamond and gold in Africa and control of economy in the third world has made the world extremely turbulent. Despite Conferences and treaties on nuclear missile defense or offence system, technology is being perfected every day for more precise and devastating effects. More Sates are joining this fray to counter the fear of nuclear attacks. Today 9 countries are known to have missile defense system while 27 are have missile warheads. This race cannot come to an end by conferences, disarmament parleys or resolutions alone. It can be smashed only if each and every nation of planet earth wants to disarm by heart, not by fear. Back in 1989 when the cold war ended and the former mighty Soviet Union disintegrated, there was an agreement between the Soviet Union and America to covert weapon grade nuclear material to reactor grade but this never happened and seeing the status quo it never will.

Guatemala’s position ...

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