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Elaine Choo

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Issue: The Universal Adoption of Vaccination

Though vaccinations are proven to prevent the deaths of vaccine-preventable illnesses, migrant workers in Thailand unfortunately do not get to enjoy the health benefits vaccinations bring. More than 2 million people from Myanmar live and work, predominantly illegally in Thailand. Illegal migrants represent a significant public health issue. Most do not use Thai health services. Children of migrant workers rarely receive immunizations.

For the Thai population, immunization is one of the most effective existing strategies for preventing illness in children. Thailand is one of the most successful and stable economies in south-east Asia and her public health infrastructure is designed to cover the entire population, both in rural and urban countries. The expanded program on immunization is fully integrated into basic health services. Thailand officially launched her nation-wide immunization program (EPI) in 1977 by expanding and strengthening the existing immunization service infrastructure. The Thai Ministry of Public Health has established some principles ...

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