World Health Organization
Sri Lanka


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Committee: World Health Organization

Topic: The Universal Adoption of Immunisation

Country: Sri Lanka

As our nature evolves with time, bacteria and viruses become more and more complex in structure, causing new diseases and sickness to spread. Therefore, it becomes critical to formulate a vaccine or even an antidote to prevent it from spreading throughout the populace and cause widespread pandemonium. This situation can be counteracted through immunisation of individuals in each state. Countries such as France, the United States of America and Syria, just to name a few, have already taken immense measures to contain these implacable diseases. However, the practice of immunisation has not been fully implemented in some developing countries and a few urbanized countries.

Sri Lanka believes in fully adopting the practice of immunisation of every citizen in the country due to the aftermath of its recent civil war in Sri Lanka. This conflict left behind a lot of refugees living in dilapidated camps which made hygiene of utmost priority in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is fully cognizant about the prominence of immunization among nations and s...

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