World Health Organization


Brandon Kit

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Committee: World Health Organization (WHO)

Topic: Universal Adoption of Immunisation, Regulation of Genetic Testing

Country: Senegal

In the last half a century, the world has experienced immense technological growth, which paved the way for increasing interconnectedness and increasingly sophisticated medical technology, such as new means of immunization and genetic testing. Genetic testing and immunization, are means by which Senegal, along with many other countries, use to aid its citizens in protecting against, discovering and determining the course of action toward diseases. However, one barrier Senegal is still facing, as with other developing countries, would be convincing locals to go for immunization or genetic testing. Senegal strongly believes that education is the way to go when looking to overcome their resistance. After incorporation of health education into education programs, we have seen a simultaneous increase in the willingness of locals to go for these medical procedures. One study that has been commonly cited is one by anthropologist Duana Fullwiley, who has done ethnographic research in connection with attitudes toward genetic testing in Senegal. In conducting 42 open ended interviews within the same vicinity, she found that 40 villagers were willing to go for genetic testing. This was a huge improvement from previous interviews in the past, and show...

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