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Yusuf Mirasyedi
United States

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i: Prisoners rights, standards for treatment and detention facilities, protection of detainees of uprisings

A big challenge facing Ukraine today are the prisoner conditions and treatments in Ukraine and the parts occupied by the Russian Federation. The main problem of this topic in Ukraine is the amount of forced disappearances and ill treatment cases between both sides, the SBU (Security Service Ukraine) and the Russian backed separatists. In the Country of Ukraine, prisons are not adequate and up to code on the treatment and facilities inside the prisons. In the past, the UN has conducted searches across prisons in Ukraine and they have made recommendations on how to improve the conditions. We have implemented new policies in our prisons to support this.

After receiving constant criticism and recommendations from the UN, Ukraine has started to implement new policies to stop the ill treatment and forced disappearances of prisoners. One of them was th...