Disarmament and International Security Committee


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Topic A – Violent non-state actors

Interstate war no longer dominates the landscape of modern conflict. Rather, collective violence and challenges to the international system come increasingly from violent non-state actors (VNSA). With few exceptions, VNSA play a prominent, often destabilizing role in nearly every humanitarian and political crisis faced by the international community. From the conflict in Iraq to the warlords of Afghanistan to the drug lords of Colombia and to spread of ISIS, Indonesia and our allies are engaged in open conflict with highly adaptive, transnational organizations. As non-state armed groups gain greater access to resources and networks through global interconnectivity, they have also come to dominate the terrain of illegal trade in drugs, guns and humans. Successfully countering VNSA across the geopolitical landscape is complicated by numerous of factors, including but certainly not limited to the dynamic, adaptive character of the threat and the difficulty of developing and implementing a coherent strategy that engenders measurable victories.

As of the abovementioned reasons, the Republic of Indonesia strongly condemns the activities of both domestic and international VNSA’s. We have, as a country ourselves, seen horrendous terrorist attacks on our own soil for the past two decades, most notably (and the most deadly) the Ba...