World Conference on Women


Michelle Medricky

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Position Paper – Republic of India

Committee: ECOSOC & RB – World Conference on Women Delegates: Marlies Baekens & Michelle Medricky

Topic A: Women in Corporate and Electoral Governance

Current Situation and Recent Development Along with the implementation of India’s constitution in 1950, voting rights were granted to all women. In order to increase the participation of female electors, India implemented quotas reserving 33% of the seats and leadership positions in local governing bodies (the so-called Panchayati Raj institutions) for women in 1994. There are states, which increased the number of reserved seats for women to up to 50%. This law led to an increase of female political participation and the gap between male and female voting turnouts was closed almost entirely. As a result, female political participation greatly increased and the same 33%-quota will be implemented on National level. In 2010, the upper house passed the so-c...