Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee


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Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

Delegation of Hungary

TOPIC A: International Labor Standards

“[God] Extend over it [Hungary] your guarding arm on the sea of its misery, long torn by ill fate, bring upon it a time of relief”. The delegation of Hungary presents before this committee its concern for the labor standards applying within our borders as well as in the international community. Long have workers been subjects to low wages, lengthy work hours, no job protection measures and unfair treatment in the workplace. This situation describes what the quoted above national anthems details, it is time for a time of relief, time for increasing the well-being of the population. As the result of systemic changes in the economy and society, rather than cyclical only, in the last two decades the world of work has radically changed in Eastern European. The labor relationship has been influenced by aspects of the sociocultural and psychological transition of the society. The ideologies of employees of the state-owned firms, or state and collective farms, have been replaced by those of owners, employers, entrepreneurs, wage earners of private firms, or the self-employed. These aspects have induced new work ethics and discipline. Hungary’s transition to a market economy presents the country with a new outlook, where the low labor standards were as Stephen Golub describes as a reflection of the low productivity of the country. Therefore the market failures from a more state-controlled economy were reverted a...