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General Assembly of the United Nations Legal - Sixth Committee Delegate’s names: Sofia Areti Sfrintzeri, Eirini Tsikrika National and Kapodistrian University of Athens faculty of Law


Topic A: Intellectual Property Rights and HIV/AIDS Medication

HIV/AIDS is a disease that has spread throughout the world the last decades, affecting mainly the developing countries. No cure has been found so far. Nevertheless, there have been invented medications by Pharmaceutical Companies that can expend the lifespan of people carrying the HIV virus. These medications are not, however, affordable by everyone and are protected by patent laws. These patent laws were not internationally biding until the establishment of WTO and the TRIPS agreement, which enforced the Intellectual Property Rights. TRIPS limited the access to HIV medicines as commercial interests prevailed public health. The balance was restored with the Doha Declaration by WTO but things changed once again with the creation of bilateral agreements called TRIPS-plus, which contain tougher patent laws than the TRIPS.

Honduras, although, represents 17 % of the population in Central America, it reports 60 % of the region’s HIV infections. Currently, 23.000 peopl...