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Griffin Merians
United States

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Committee: United Nations Security Council Country: France School: Claremont McKenna College Topic A: Burundi

Burundi is currently susceptible to a long and brutal civil war. Like many countries before it, Burundi is plagued by a variety of issues which make resolution very difficult. First, sectarian tensions run deep and have existed for many years. The 1993 civil war saw 300,000 people die, targeted exclusively because of their ethnicity. In 2017, ethnic lines are still clearly established with the National Assembly strictly divided by ethnicity. Second, the government is dominated by rulers and characterized by violent transitions of power. Most recently, President Nkurunziza faced a coup in the capital while he was away in Tanzania. Although he suppressed the coup, it has been followed by a purge of the cabinet and a lockdown on dissent.

The French Republic is greatly committed to stability in Burundi and urges the Security Council to make a similar commitment. France has already proposed and helped pass a resolution which called for 228 UN police to b...