United Nations Security Council
Italy (UNSC)


Joshua Lo
Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

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Committee: United Nation Security Council
Country: Italy

Topic Area A: Human Rights Violations in Burundi

The ongoing conflict in Burundi has been severely jeopardizing the security and human rights situation of Burundi and its neighboring countries. Following the failed coup to overthrow President Nkurunziza, violence and human rights abuses, of which many are committed by government-related groups or indirectly empowered by the government, continue with impunity. Even though the United Nations Security Council has been coordinating efforts with other regional organizations to keep situation in Burundi from further deterioration, the Burundi government’s reluctance to cooperate has always been a major obstacle to reaching peace.

In the past few years, Italy has been working on peacebuilding in coordination with the international community and fostering dialogue between different parties in Burundi. Regarding the chaotic situation in Burundi, Italy primarily concerns about the human right...