United Nations Security Council
Senegal (UNSC)


Stephann Sahmkow
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

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Recalling resolution 2303 adopted by this council, The Republic of Senegal believes that the current situation in Burundi should be a matter of critical importance to this Council. The Republic of Senegal holds this position due to the current reports presented by multiple well known Non-Governmental bodies that had worked before with this council such as Human Rights Watch. The reports explain that the current violent confrontations between the government corps and the public are currently affecting the economic and social wellbeing of a considerable size of the Burundian population. The damage has been such that according to the same already mentioned reports more than 300.000 Burundians have now fled the country to the bordering nations of Tanzania and Rwanda that despite being proactive to help these displaced individuals are only able to cover around 10 cents of every dollar needed for providing the latter with efficient humanitarian relief services.  

Human Rights Watch points out that the current situation is a result of Burundi’s president Pierre Nkurunziza deci...