Cabinet of the Ministers of the USSR, 1985
Minister of the Interior - Vitali Fedorchuk


Matthew Goodsell
United States

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Matt Goodsell (Colgate University)

Harvard WorldMUN 2017 - Montreal

Cabinet of Ministers of the USSR – 1985

Vitali Fedorchuk – Minister of the Interior

Minister Fedorchuk has lived quite the colorful life to this point, heavily influencing his policy decisions and personal opinions. Born in 1918, he grew up as a member of a family of farmers in the Ukraine, experiencing first-hand the hardships of the tumultuous economic times from the end of World War I through the reign of Stalin. In conjunction with the strong work ethic Fedorchuk developed growing up on the farm, he also attended a military school. His grit and determination paid off as he worked his way to a position working as a member of the SMERSH, the Ukrainian Counterintelligence Agency, f...