Cabinet of the Ministers of the USSR, 1985
Minister of Finance - Vasili Garbusov


Louis O'Brien

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More than ever since the Revolution of 1917, we need to act as visionaries and bring profound, durable changes to our great nation. With our economy crippled by stagnation, and the growing political unrest around the world, the survival of the USSR and, consequently, the very survival of the socialist ideology throughout the world is at risk if we do not reform our system deeply and efficiently. I am honored to serve as Minister of Finance at this turning point for our nation and I hope our efforts will bring peace and prosperity to the Soviet Union.

My name is Vasili Fyodorovich Garbuzov (Василий Федорович Гарбузов) and I have been Minister of Finance for the Soviet Union since 1953. I graduated from Khark...