Disarmament and International Security Committee


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Committee: Disarmament and International Security - DISEC

Country: Guinea-Bissau

TOPIC A – Violent Non-State Actors

VNSAs brought a significant change in the political and economic landscape of many countries, Guin-ea-Bissau being one of them. In order to destabilize such forces, we must take away their resources and limit their freedom of movement. Most organization work on the base of the territories they control and the bond they have with people. Whether these VNSAs give stability and security or just seek to control them, this is an aspect of the issue that must be addressed thoroughly. If inhabitants sustain the VNSAs on their own, there’s not much the international community can do but recommend the states start a long-term education program in order to increase their awareness of the violence and general instability the VNSAs spread. On the other hand, the governments are expected to begin regeneration programs to restore the citizen’s faith in their states, freeing them from their ties with the local VNSAs. Sometimes organ...