Noam Ser

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Committee: WHO

Country: Germany

Delegate: Noam Ser, University of Ariel

Topics: (i) Organ Trafficking; (ii) Resistance to Antibiotics

Organ Trafficking Organ trafficking, i.e., the illegal sale of organs, is a severe issue in many countries of the world. In general, individuals selling their organs are relatively young (in their 20’s) and do so to survive. Organ recipients are generally middle-aged (in their 40’s and 50’s) and seek to acquire organs illegally due to extremely long waiting lists for organ transplantation. Organ trafficking is a billion-dollar business that has thrived over the past few decades, by mainly targeting poor civilians who would do anything to survive. A related matter, and probably one of the main causes of organ trafficking, is the global need for organ donors. Unfortunately, after many global efforts, including efforts specifically carried out in Germany, there is a huge shortage of organ donors on a global basis. Both these issues must be resolved.

Germany’s position is qui...