Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee


Erin Luck
United States

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Delegates: Yasmin Faruki and Erin Luck

Country: Greece

Committee: Special Political and Decolonization Committee (Third Committee of the General Assembly)

Topic A: International Labor Standards

Greece pledges its support toward the evaluation and enforcement of International Labor Standards. Greece’s extensive labour laws and detailed system of labour inspection, through the Labour Inspectorate Body, are testament to our support, despite financial difficulties, to the equality of opportunity and treatment, elimination of forced labor, and enforcement of occupational safety and health. As Greece officially stated in 2012, “it is true that the financial crisis and international economic environment have reduced the quality of labour rights, redefining the concept of core labour rights in an economically developed country, which necessarily reduces the quality of life of its citizens.” Greece, like many nations facing economic difficulties, has been forced to cut wages in the public sector to fight unemployment and support the sustainability and competitive nature of enterprises. Thus, Greece understands the difficulty of maintaining labor standards in times where the infrastructure of a nation is compromise...