World Conference on Women


Louise Grosos

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Committee: World Conference on Women
Country: Federal Republic of Germany
Delegates: BENOIT Nina, GROSOS Louise, Poli’gones

Topic A: Women in Corporate/Governance Structures

Even if the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is a woman, only one third of Bundestag members are women, 95 percent of executive boards are lead by men in Germany, and the gender pay gap remains one of the most important in Europe, attaining 22 percent. Although gender equality is a disposition contained is the third article of the Basic Law, the country has more focused on solving the difficult issues in eastern Germany which were either caused or brought to light by the unification process. Gender mainstreaming has been implemented at federal and Länder level, but not consequently pursued, and Women have been particularly affected by this transition. They bear the brunt of the job cuts as a result of the process of economic restructuring. Although problems women face all over the world are very different, there are many issues that States must tackle together. In fact, if women have caught up with men in relation to educational attainment, they encounter gender-specific barriers at different moments of their life course. Women’s employment rate has indeed clearly increased i...