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Amanda See

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Topic A: International Labour Standards

As one of the first members of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) beginning in 1919, the Republic of France has a long history of respecting the need for labour laws to protect its ever-growing workforce. Prior to the formation of the ILO, the first labour law of France was voted for in 1841, with the first laws passing in 1884. These early instances indicate the Republic of France's heavy emphasis on the importance of labour laws to facilitate employment and to protect the employed within the state, as well as its dedication to the protection and provision of opportunities for the workforce within the state.

The Republic of France has continually ratified many conventions of the ILO while updating its numerous labour laws to complement or match international labour standards. In 2015 France ratified two of ILO's conventions, namely the Private Employment Agencies Convention (C181) and the Work in Fishing Convention (C188). The former ratification is notable because of its impact on migrant workers, taking note of the inclusion of migrant workers seeking employment through private emplo...