Congo, The Democratic Republic of the


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Committee: UNHCR
Country: Republic democratic of Congo
Delegate: Mélanie Zittel, Sciences Po Aix Topic A : Expanding scope and capacity of Refugee Convention

The situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the most complex crises in the world and is deteriorating as local conflicts intensify. Since 2018, nearly 5 million Congolese have been displaced. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Status of Refugees is therefore a crucial point for our country. The convention for refugees, signed by the Democratic Republic of Congo represents a major point in the management of migration to improve the situation of the country but also of the African continent.

The Democratic Republic of Congo supports the improvement of the Refugee Convention. Indeed, the convention was signed in 1951 to solve the problem of migrations of the World War II. Since migrations have evolved, they have become multifaceted and are no longer just due to global conflicts. On the one hand the DRC is for the establishment of a status for environmental refugees for example, the DRC is affected by droughts causing famines forcing the Congolese to flee the country. On the other hand, there should al...