Disarmament and International Security Committee
El Salvador


Pascal Repp

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Country: El Salvador Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee Name: Pascal Repp and Philip Schmid University: EBS University for Business and Law

Topic Area A: Violent Non-State Actors

Due to the globalization process over the past decades and the related unstable equilibrium in terms of wealth distribution we have reached the point at which we need to take a closer look to the tremendously increase of globally applied violence in our human society. Therefore, the DISEC in specially the developing countries, where most of the crime is originates are the place for our investigation. By having a historical eye on the different violence organizations, which are in general defined as NSAs, or VNSAs and more specific categorized in the following: Insurgencies, Crime groups, or Warlords; it can be stated, that for each of these single mentioned violence source the local government needs to apply different resolutions in cooperation with the international community. Additionally, local governments and institutions are often corrupt, in such cases; the international community needs to take this fact under consideration for their sanctions. In order to recount the historical events. Insurgencies are described through their intrinsic motivations for ideologies, political motives, and eco...