Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee


Rodrigue Gehot

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Delegation from Represented by The Kingdom of Denmark Rodrigue Gehot & Martin Neira

Position paper for the Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee Two issues before the Social Humanitarian and cultural committee are: International labor standards and Police aggression.

I. International labor standards In an endless pursuance of reducing costs and increasing productions levels, companies have led our world to become each day more unequal. In its quest for social justice and economic growth, the Kingdom of Denmark ratified the Eight Fundamental ILO Conventions as well as the Four Priority ILO Conventions and countless technical Labor conventions and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights enacted by the UN. Denmark is also subject to the European Convention on Human Rights and the Social European Charter. Moreover, through article 153 TFEU, the kingdom implemented a myriad of European directives such as the European Working Time Directi...