European Union


Matthew Greant

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Committee: European Union

Topic: Structural Reforms of the European Union

Country: The Kingdom of Denmark

Delegates: Matthew Gréant & Aline Mairiaux, Brussels MUNers

It has been a few years since the European states entered the post-2008 financial crisis that has weakened a big part of the world and most of the European countries. In this context, the European Union (EU) has put many efforts in order to reach sound and sustainable growth, reduce national public debt and unemployment rate. Despite those efforts, the results still do not meet the initial goal. As a consequence, the EU has recommended to its member states to implement structural reforms to be executed by their national governments. The aim of these reforms is to deeply tackle the structure of the market.

The Kingdom of Denmark has put a lot of efforts to tackle the 2008 recession. The Danish authorities have already implemented numerous recommendations given ...