Special, Political, and Decolonization Commmittee
Democratic Republic of the Congo


Cian Aherne

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The Democratic Republic Of The Congo Permanent Mission To The United Nations Special Political and Decolonization Committee Delegates: Zain Bari, Cian Aherne

Topic A: Statebuilding

State-building most commonly refers to the construction or reform of governmental institutions by external actors in "failed" or "fragile" states. This further includes reforms of state-society relations with the objective of strengthening state resilience. The OECD defines state-building as “purposeful action to develop the capacity, institutions and legitimacy of the state in relation to an effective political process for negotiating the mutual demands between state and societal groups.”1 The Democratic Republic of the Congo (hereafter referred to as ‘DRC’), highly values the importance of statebuilding due to it’s own post-colonial efforts to achieve stability and mitigate it’s fragility. Sadly, these efforts continue to this day with the DRC being consistently ranked as one the most unstable states on the Fragile States Index2.

Successful state building will almost always be the product of domestic action, but it can be significantly enabled by well-targeted and responsive international assistance. However the DRC remains ...