High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development
Czech Republic


Kevin Mochtar

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Position Paper of the Czech Republic for the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

Topics: Sustainable Energies and Sustainable Cities

Introduction: The Czech Republic is pleased by having this topic as part of the main debate of this conference. Currently, Czech Republic is one of the most rapidly advancing cities in the world reaching number 28 in the Human Developmental Index (HDI) and rises every year. The Czech Republic is keen on improving the HDI year by year by implementing new strategies to tackle issues such as population explosion, excessive mining to even land pollution as a whole. Air pollution is another issue that the Czech Republic is currently facing and around the late 1990’s, an estimate of 135.6 million metric tons/capita per year of Carbon Dioxide are emitted creating various diseases. However, it has since dropped from 13.04 metric tons to 10.67 metric tons on 2010 and still keeps on decreasing.

As a new state, Czech Republic seeks to find a simple alternative and/solutions to the urbanization problem. Our main goal is to further increase the Gross Net Production in ...