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Czech Republic


Jakob den Brok

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Country: Czech Republic

Committee: WHO

Name: Sonja Peter, Jakob den Brok

University: ETH Zürich

Topic A: World Water Crisis: Disease Management and Sustainable Solutions

Considering the current situation the Czech Republic acknowledges that a fundamental basis for strategies exists. These include past resolutions (such as A/RES/64/292,WHA64.24), as well as proposed strategies (such as the Water Quality and Health Strategy, the Global Action Plan for Pneumonia and Diarrhoea). Despite these efforts, there is a large margin left in the implementation of the proposed goals. Furthermore, while the focus has been largely on least developed nations, the developed nations have to be on alert as well, as the recent water crisis in the USA showed.
The Czech Republic is proud of their contributions of achievements for solutions in this field. Special efforts have been made in collaboration with certain countries. These include the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well Mongolia. Our efforts reach from capacity development in the field of engineering geology and hydrogeology in Ethiopia to the development and potential building of the private sector in order to safeguard achievements made in the region, as well as financial aid (2015: 52’500’000 Czech Koruna to Ethiopia alone). In 2016, these (financial) contributions will continue. Furthermore, a cooperation on governmental level is aimed at, as well as collaboration with NGOs working in the region such as “People in Need”. This shows that foreign humanitarian aid builts an integral part of Czech foreign policy. The delegation would like to note that the Czech R...