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Czech Republic


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Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich’s MUN-Team

Florian Simperl, stud. math. & Stefan Buchwalder, stud. iur.



Position Paper of the Czech Republic for the attention of the Legal Committee

The Czech Republic is a country situated in Middle Europe. Since 2004 a member of the European Union, the country has always been the Gate between Western and Eastern Europe. From the Crown of Bohemia to the Velvet Divorce, there is no doubt that this sovereign founding member of the United Nations has always been a melting point of culture and knowledge. Home to 10.5 million inhabitants, the 79 km2 compromising nation ensures its security and prospering through being participant of the Visegrad Group as well as the NATO.



Topic A: Intellectual property rights and HIV/AIDS Medication

As HIV and AIDS are the plague of the twenty-first century, they constitute not only a health issue on the global scale but affect the economy as well as the social order due to the non-access of certain groups of peoples to effective remedy for their illness. The Czech Republic has always been a firm believer that Middle Europe has to play a particularly enforcing role when it comes to international health politics as this area is not only the centre of the industrialized world but also host to many...