Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee
Czech Republic


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Position Paper for the General Assembly Second Committee The topics under discussion before the General Assembly Third Committee are “International Labor Standards” and “Police Aggression”. In this respect, the Czech Republic is inclined to international collaboration and looks forward to coordinating the strategic frameworks of states’ policies.

International Labor Standards The rapid economic growth experienced over the past century has brought development and high improvement of the living conditions. Nonetheless, labor standards have not changed in the same way in all countries. This situation has resulted in increased inequalities among occupational practices and some disreputable policies by some Member States. The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms adopted as a component constitutional order in our country is an example of our compromise with the need of guaranteeing our citizen’s economic, social and cultural rights. Moreover, the Czech Republic can be considered as a committed country in these matters since employment termination and minimum wages are regulated and are believed to be two fundamental labor policies. The Czech Republic, as a me...