Economic and Social Council
United Kingdom


Nikol Birosikova

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Position paper, The Hague MUN 20-23 April ’17

Delegation : United Kingdom Committee : Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Topics : I. Empowering women in line with the Sustainable Development Goals II. Incorporating sustainable development in national budgets

It is not difficult to see why the issue of sustainable development is one of the most widely discussed topics on both national and international levels. The interests of the world population change based on varying factors,and point has been reached where we, inhabitants of Earth, are faced with the harsh reality - many of our countries and regions are rich and developed but at what cost? The most prominent issue may be the lack of uniformity in development - rich countries contrast the poor, industrial revolution and growing businesses contrast the damage to our environment and imminent threat created by global warming, and there is the omnipresent question of gender equality - the mythical concept every country is chasing after but not many are able to get a full grasp of. The idea of sustainable development was introduced to combat these problems. It is based on meeting the need for human development on the one hand, and sustaining the ability of natural systems to maintain proper functioning for us and the next generations to come...