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Topic A: Empowering women in line with the sustainable development goals

The United Nations has adopted on September 25th 2015 a set of goals to achieve and one of the most important of these is the Goal 5 that is focused on the end of all forms of discrimination, of violence against all women and girls everywhere. In 2014, 143 countries have guaranteed in their Constitutions the same rights between men and women, but in most countries women are still discriminated through laws, stereotypes, norms and practices because they are considered with lower capacities of intelligence and they haven’t the same treatment of men so they are relegated to a passive role in our society. They still earn more the 20% less than men, they have not access to health care or have a proper nutrition so this involves a higher mortality rate and the practice of child forced marriage affects girls’ education and there are countries that have laws that prohibits pregnant girls from attending or returning to school after the birth of their sons. This means a less opportunities for them to find out a job, because they haven’t the proper professional skills and this involves poverty. Some cultures think the women’s role in society must be limited to caring for their kids and, if the family has not so much money, they choose to educate just their sons and this implicate inequality because boys will find out a job and girls will care of the family so they will be financially dependent on their husbands. The way to solve all these problems is that the International Community has to work wit...