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Kevin Wahyu

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Topic:Mental Health



Ban Ki-Moon stated that “there can be no health without mental health”, but unfortunately we can also see that mental health was one of the most neglected yet important issue in the MDGs. It is estimated that millions of people worldwide have mental health condition and almost one million people die due to suicide every year. Italy underlines that there are three important problems regarding mental health issue, that there are [1] lack of mental illness awareness and social stigmatization in the society, [2] lack of adequate resources for treating mental illness especially in low-middle income countries, and [3] lack of supports from government to create better mental health care policy. Italy believes that it is important to not only increase mental health in our country, but also achieve an international standards by establishing a global framework.

There have been several proposed solutions, in 1991, the United Nations have made an important stepping stone in addressing mental health problems such as Grand Assembly Resolution 46/119 on the protection of person with mental illness and the improvement of mental health care, which Italy have supported the implementation fully. However, it still lacks the action needed to be taken and measures to evaluate progress and the awareness of particular country. ...