Special, Political, and Decolonization Commmittee


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Topic A: State building

Seeing the correlation between achieving lasting peace and having stable nations, the People’s Republic of China understands how crucial state building is for developing nations. As article 1 of the UN Charter recalls the importance for the international community to “maintain international peace and security”, we reiterate our commitment to ensuring that each nation can be empowered through putting in place stable institutions. This stability will furthermore allow nations to reach their full sovereignty and be independent from other states.

To that end, the People’s Republic of China has been involved in bilateral and international operations aiming at strengthening state institutions thus making sure that each nation can be empowered and preserve their national sovereignty. As a result of UN resolution n°2093, signed between the Chinese and Somali government in September 2013, an official cooperation agreement was achieved as part of a five-year national recovery plan in Somalia. Chinese authorities are aiming to reconstruct several major infrastructural landmarks in the Somali capital and elsewhere. On a broader and continental scale, the People’s Republic of China led the “20+20 cooperation programme” ...