Economic and Financial Committee


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Delegation from The People's Republic of China Represented by Sciences Po Lille

             **Position paper for the Economic and Financial Committee**

The topics before the Economic and Financial Committee are « Competitive Currency Devaluation » and the « Effects of Oil Deflation on Global Markets ». The People’s Republic of China, deeply involved in the Economic and Financial Committee’s operations, believes in the need to review our positions on the responsibilities of each member-state in global markets and financial operations, and reinforce international and Inter-Governmental interactions and cooperation in order to cope with oil deflation and competitive currency devaluation in an efficient way.

                    **I) Topic: Competitive Currency Devaluation**

The People’s Republic of China strongly agrees that currency wars pose a global threat to economic stability. With countries being more connected today than ever before and with the continuous growth of international trade, the economic and monetary policies of a single country undoubtedly effect all countries involved in the global economy. The continued denial of many international organizations towards the serious threat that currency devaluation poses today, as well as the lack of actions by these organizations on this issue further emphasizes the need for immediate action. However, while China would like to eliminate the possibility of future currency wars, China also strongly supports each and every country’s ...