World Conference on Women


Mona Hassani

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PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA POSITION PAPER Topic A : Women in Corporate/Governance Structures Following the 64/289 Resolution that was adopted in 2010 to establish UN Women, China opened the World Women Summit last September in New York City. This was the opportunity to show the world how much China is involved in the question of gender equality and of women’s rights. Improving women’s condition is a perpetual preoccupation that China deals with everyday. Resolving this issue could help our economy and our social bounding. China is one of the first country to lead a women policy in the corporate and governance structures, policy that has been institutionalized in 2011 with the Program for the Development of Chinese Woman. This program’s aim for 2020 is to fulfill several missions in different fields to improve women’s condition in China. Since the beginning of this program, the figures are gripping: there is less and less poverty amongst women and they are more and more involved in the economy and in the administration. However, our country thinks that this issue cannot only be tackled at a national scale to be efficient, but has to be handled on an international one. China strongly believes that UN members should take measures to solve this problem. Women’s rights ...